Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas Shares Her Holiday Skin Tips

During the holidays, we tend to take a collective breather from our religious self-care rituals and healthy lifestyle habits in favor of dinners with friends, cocktail parties, office soirées and various indulgences that exist solely from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. After all, what good are New Year’s resolutions without a little rule-breaking in advance?  While holiday weight gain is actually not as hyped as the media makes it out to be (studies show that average weight gained during the holidays is just shy of one pound), holiday revelry can certainly takes its toll on our skin.

Joanna Vargas knows a thing or two about holiday skin fatigue. As the go-to celebrity aesthetician, whose hands nourish the faces of such stars as Julianne Moore, Emma Roberts and Naomi Watts, she sees many clients come January 2 seeking a little skin TLC.  “The holidays bring lots of parties and we tend to eat and drink all the wrong things,” says Vargas. “Alcohol is horribly drying for skin. It inhibits the digestive system and causes breakouts. Sugar can cause your skin to break out immediately.  Most people don’t realize that skin directly correlates to our digestive system. If we eat something we can’t digest or have trouble digesting, there are consequences.”

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Here, Vargas shares the ways in which we can care for our complexions while indulging in the holiday season.

Find Balance: “I don’t preach to never eat sugar – that’s not realistic,” says Vargas. “But I do like my clients to be smart. Eat more greens if you had a bad diet day. It will help your body recover faster.”

Go Green: “If you have something at a party that you will pay for later, try and do a quick fix. I keep liquid chlorophyll in the fridge and do a shot of it before bed if I had dessert. The greens in it will help my body digest better, and my skin looks clean and clear in the morning.”

Embrace the Avocado: “My best tip is to start by eating a bit of avocado everyday as part of your salad, or even throwing a half of an avocado into your morning smoothie. Avocado supplies the skin with healthy fats and phytonutrients to hydrate from the inside out and bring back your glow.”

The Joanna Vargas Daily SerumJoanna Vargas

Starting Juicing: “Drink a green juice every day. It will be a great replacement to your afternoon coffee and will literally transform your skin in a matter of days. It helps oxygenate the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage, so it’s de-puffing, too. My skincare solution for the skin’s need for greens is my Daily Serum. It’s a green juice for the skin.”

Find a Moment for Self-Care: “I would also recommend trying a soothing, hydrating mask with yogurt and honey. These are awesome ingredients for post-holiday party treatment because the yogurt brings down skin inflammation, while the honey hydrates.  Avocado is something I recommend for any skin type. It has lots of B vitamins and fatty acids, so it’s essential to keep the skin hydrated, even in dry winter weather.”

Joanna Vargas’s recipe for a homemade, all natural face mask:

1/2 cup yogurt

1/2 avocado

1/4 honey

Leave on the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse.

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