Rose McGowan: Asia Argento and I don't talk any more

“It’s been a long time since anyone’s told me a sexist joke,” says Rose McGowan with a small smile, “so I can’t really say whether I still find them funny. Why? Have you brought me a load?”

I did think up a few in the lift on the way up to the Mayfair penthouse McGowan’s staying in while in London, but now that I’m sitting here opposite the 45 year-old former Hollywood actress (she’s insistent I write ‘former’ “because I hope I’ll never act again”) I can’t remember a single one.

Tiny, shaven-headed and barefoot – in the finest black cashmere round-neck and cropped jeans she manages to look both vulnerable and fierce. The combination is disarming.

As the woman whose story of rape and abuse in…

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