'The Bachelorette' Recap: [SPOILER] Eliminates Himself After A Brutal Injury Requires Surgery

Becca confronts Tia and Colton about their relationship, Jordan and David go at it, and two guys are rushed to the hospital with injuries on the June 11 episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’ Here’s our recap!

At the beginning of week three of The BacheloretteColton is worried about where his relationship stands with Becca Kufrin after he came clean about dating her friendTia Booth, before the show. The first group date is for Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean-Blanc and Colton, who’s relieved he’ll get a chance at more time with Becca. Things are about to get awkward, though, because Becca invites some of her Bachelor girlfriends, including Tia, to town to get their opinions on the six guys.

Things are definitely awkward between Tia and Colton, and it makes things a bit tense during the spa day. Becca and Tia finally get to chat one-on-one, and Tia explains that her relationship with Colton never went further than a kiss. However, she can’t say with certainty that Colton didn’t come on The Bachelorette hoping she was the one he would be competing for, so Becca still has lingering questions, which she approaches Colton with later that night.

Colton assures Becca that he is in this for her, and she seems to put her full trust in him by the end of their conversation, even sealing it with a kiss. At the end of the date, Becca even gives Colton the rose and is officially ready to move forward with him.

Meanwhile, Jordan continues to rub the other guys the wrong way, especially after he brags about getting 4,000 matches on Tinder in 2017. David brings his concerns about Jordan’s intentions to Becca’s attention, and she sarcastically confronts him about the Tinder success with a high five. However, she assures Jordan she’s just trying to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, and they quickly move past it, putting Jordan’s confidence at an all-time high.

The next date is a one-on-one for Becca and Chris. The date takes them to Capitol Records, where Richard Marx helps them write a love song. Chris struggles with being so vulnerable early on in the relationship, but Becca talks him through it, and he’s eventually able to open up, nearly bringing Becca to tears. After their evening together, during which Chris opens up about his childhood and his parents’ divorce, Becca gives him the rose.

Back at the house, David gets taken away on a stretcher, and there’s blood left smeared all over. Chris Harrison fills Becca in on what happened — David is in intensive care after busting open his nose and face from falling out of bed. Becca gives David a call to check-in, and he assures her he’s sticking around and feeling better already.

The second group date goes to Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor and Blake. The guys take part in a football training camp, culminating in a competitive game, of course. Considering Clay is a pro football player, he stands out during the game, but hurts his wrist during the final play. He’s taken to the ER and returns later in the evening with a sling, although he won’t know the official diagnosis until the next day. After the date, Becca gives Clay the rose for “making [her] feel like a princess.”

At the rose ceremony, Clay reveals that the doctor wants him to get surgery ASAP. He needs to be healthy for his career as a football player, which is how he supports his family, and struggles with deciding whether or not he should stay for Becca…or leave and get the operation. In the end, he opts to go home, and Becca is left heartbroken by the decision.

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