UK weather forecast: -3C Arctic FREEZE TONIGHT before bizarre tropical 'battle' next week

The UK is bracing itself for a dramatic temperature plunge below freezing following a week of warm weather across the country.

Regions in the south of the UK saw highs of 21C yesterday, as large parts of the country basked in unexpected sunshine. 

However, a shock forecast has revealed that residents across Wales, the Midlands, southern England and the Scottish borders could experience a drop to -3C by tonight. 

This comes as Hurricane Leslie is set to wreak havoc on Britain’s weather systems next week, with a bizarre battle between tropical air and an Arctic blast.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern warned of a bizarre blend of weather elements amid concerns that powerful winds and rain could batter the country.

McGivern said: “It will be dry at the start of the next week. But, into the middle of next week there is huge uncertainty.

“Hurricane Leslie is associated is very warm tropical air, and there is very cold air coming out of Canada.

“That arctic air will tumble south into the jet stream, and where we get the collision of the arctic air and tropical air, that is fuel to that southward diving jet stream.

“This would cause powerful bouts of wind and rain. It is a battleground situation.”

The Met Office also warned of a bitter frost developing overnight into Sunday, with temperatures plunging to -3C across parts of the country.

Weather experts have confirmed that the tracking of Hurricane Leslie has proved difficult to map out.

A Weather Channel spokesperson siad: “There has been a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for next week with computer models struggling to resolve the track of Hurricane Leslie.”

The category one hurricane was upgraded from a tropical storm after it increased in speed and strength last week.

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