UK weather forecast: Bonfire Night at RISK as RAIN set to cause misery throughout the day

Meteorologist Steven Keates explained that while most of the UK will be dry, some areas will have to deal with damp and cloudy weather.

He said: “I think in the West and particularly the Southwest will have some rain to contend with whereas to the east and north it is a mostly dry pitch.

“We’ll see some low clouds and some fog forming through the early hours and could be quite tricky for early-morning commuting across plate parts of astern, central, southern England.”

Mr Keates later said the morning will likely be gloomy as well as wet in some parts of the UK.

He said: “Monday morning we’ll probably start off on a fairly grey and uninspiring note.

“Probably quite wet as well across Northern Ireland, western and northern Scotland.

“But this will tend to push its way further north and west through the day.”

While the majority of the UK will see improvements in the weather as the day progresses, some areas will remain damp.

Mr Keates said: “So it’s an improving picture, although, probably staying quite damp across parts of Northern Ireland for example.

“The cloud and fog will generally lift and thin.

“Although, perhaps parts of Yorkshire, the eastern side of the Pennine could remain rather grey and murky throughout the day.”

While he said the majority of the UK will enjoy a dry evening to celebrate Bonfire Night, some areas will not be as lucky.

He said: “Most places should get away with a dry night.

“Although we still got this wiggling weather front out towards the west which will keep the likes of Northern Ireland, westernmost parts of Scotland cloudy and rather damp at times.”

He added clouds will spread as the night progresses.

Mr Keates said: “Low clouds tend to fill in as the night goes on.

“So the end of the night portably being quite murky still with some dampness around some western coasts.”

Despite these clouds, he added: “It will be a very mild night. Temperatures staying in double figures.”

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